Our seminars are educational events designed for young people, targeting 12 to 18, to address specific topics, provide learning opportunities, and encourage discussion and interaction. Our seminars focus on the importance of self-agency and group resilience as significant tools to respond to youth-focused issues or engage in self-reflection. Using our youth workers’ expertise and lived experiences that genuinely connect with the participants helps bring perspective to topics like Bullying and encourages dialogue, which increases awareness. We aim to not only improve self-development and education but also to bring positive change in the culture – initiated by the participants.

Bullying – No Way!

This seminar aims to bring awareness to bullying in a safe, sensitive, and interactive environment. Students will unpack the topic of bullying through such topics as: different types of bullying; why bullies bully; impacts of cyberbullying; common questions from victims of bullying; and what to do if faced with bullying. The program will also assist in identifying young people that may be at risk of bullying or are bullies themselves, with the opportunity to connect to additional services.

Year 7 Soft Landing

This seminar assists young people starting year 7 to examine the difficulties that are present during transition from primary to secondary school. Young people build resilience skills and participate in peer bonding activities. Emotions and perspectives are explored enabling participants to feel acknowledged and empathise with their peers. Students identify potential obstacles, develop skills to navigate them, and are given opportunities to seek assistance or further support.

Leading Your Way

This seminar is delivered over two sessions, titled Lead with a Purpose and Lead with Care. The first workshop focuses on practical leadership and how to utilise skills such as communication, influence, and advocacy – essential skills for emerging leaders, for both self-development and contributing positively to school culture. The second workshop brings self-awareness to participants, addressing skills such as role-modelling and empathy. Young people learn how to care for others but also how to care for themselves in order to support others.

Unpacking Identity

In this workshop, young people explore what they have in common with their classmates and what makes them unique. Young people develop camaraderie with teammates through activities that celebrate both of these aspects of their identity in a practical and visual way. Young people are safe to explore their identity in a tolerant and supportive environment and discover their own agency in forming their identity during their lifetime.


Fusion offers a range of other activities which encourage young people to work together, try new things, and develop camaraderie through shared experience. These exercises foster connection between young people and drive positive culture change within the school community. Activities include:

  • Parachute
  • Teambuilding games
  • Group challenges