What is the community builder award?

This award recognises young people’s efforts to bring a sense of pride in the school’s values, ethos and its role within the community. Fusion Australia is an organisation that endeavours to support and encourage students to find their place and purpose in schools, communities and the globe, which is why this award is important to recognise young people. The award also recognises the young people who play an essential part in role modelling and creating a standard for the future leaders of tomorrow.

All award recipients will receive a gift voucher valued at $100 and a framed certificate, usually presented at the school’s presentation event.

The criteria


Enrolled student

The young person MUST be enrolled in a school, college or alternative education. They must be aged 12-18 years old


Leadership qualities

Recognising leadership qualities the young person has displayed to help shape culture and encourage positive behaviours.



Contributing to local community through projects, leadership capacities, volunteering or supporting a cause.


Unanimous vote

School staff vote must be unanimous (the school may decide how this process works).

Nominate a student for the community builder award

Email sydneysouth@fusion.org.au or call 02 9789 4888 for all enquiries.