Would your school benefit from a worker whose focus is to build student engagement? A worker whose professional training allows them to develop community, work with troubled students and provide specialist group programs? A worker who is governed by professional ethics and is highly competent and continuously upskilled in their field?


You’re looking for a Youth worker!


Youth Worker on Campus is a partnership services initiated by Fusion Sydney South in 2012 to provide local high schools with a professional youth worker.

Many of our local schools need a youth worker, a chaplain, a student welfare officer or a CLO (working in a frontline youth work position), but it can be a challenge to train, supervise, support, and ensure these non-teaching positions are being carried out in compliance with current professional and ethical standards.


We can help.


Fusion Australia is a youth and community organisation to seeing young people and their communities come alive. For over 50 years Fusion has worked alongside people of goodwill to transform communities across Australia and the globe.

Fusion Sydney South is one of Fusion’s 6 NSW centres and has been providing youth and community services in the area for well over a decade. Our team of specialist youth workers are career professionals who are dedicated to delivering the type of youth services and innovative practice that facilitates positive change within our local youth communities.

Youth Worker on Campus offers high schools the opportunity to engage a qualified and supervised youth worker. Our service provides this worker with professional development, supervision, industry oversight and organisational supports so that your school can acquire the best person for their youth work needs with the minimal amount of risk and social service industry knowledge.