Our youth programs are designed to empower young individuals between 12 and 18. The primary aim of our program is to provide young people with opportunities for personal growth, skill development, learning, and social interaction during a specific timeframe, typically between 5 – 8 weeks. We believe our programs can significantly impact participants’ lives by fostering personal development, building self-confidence, and offering opportunities for future success. The programs have a specific target group to which criteria such as a young individual’s needs, school engagement and personal development would be considered for the programs below.

Building Blocks

This program aims to educate young people to embrace their own power and potential, as leaders and cultural change makers. We enable young people to take ownership and responsibility for themselves and their school communities. The program develops life skills and addresses youth issues in a strengths-based, youth-friendly manner to motivate, challenge and empower young people to become positive leaders within their own sphere of influence.

Make Your Mark (Identified Pasifika)

This program is an extension of Building Blocks. These modules are tailored specifically to Pacific Islander students and can be built into the Infuse program, replacing some modules with more culturally relevant content. Other Infuse modules also have optional Polynesian content that may be added.

A focus on the students’ background aims to help connect them to culture, and enhance their understanding of identity, enabling young people to develop purpose driven goals. Polynesian modules include:

We currently run Infuse at:

  • The house with Four Walls – Taught over 1/2/4 lessons
  • Way-farers – Understanding Your Life Journey
  • Volcanic Emotions
  • Additional projects: Canvas Tiles group painting, learning about and making volcanoes, museum visit & traditional dress making, necklace/lei making, careers talk from Polynesian community figures
  • Some Infuse modules include optional Polynesian modifications as well.


Developed at our sister centre in Western Sydney, this program seeks to build young people’s confidence and sense of self-worth, develop their capacity to make wise decisions, recognise influence and exert it positively, help them identify personal goals and develop plans towards success, and bring a stronger connection to their peers and the school community. Lessons are built around three foundational concepts: Growing Myself, Growing with Others, and Growing in Community.

Wellbeing 101

This program aims to establish and maintain simple healthy habits for students’ well-being to help them thrive. The program facilitates self-discovery and confidence so that young people can take ownership of their potential, become responsible for their behaviour and participate fully in their own lives. Young people will learn to look inward to understand themselves, minimise stress and build resilience, and outward to support their community and develop a positive school culture. Young people will discover, learn and practise during the week, addressing topics such as listening well, thankfulness, mindfulness and looking outward.