The impact of COVID-19 has meant the temporary lockdown of Fusion Sydney South’s youthfamily and outreach programmes held in schools and community settings in CB City and surrounding areas.

We are aware that at this time more than ever, there is a need for innovative, creative and engaging community work so that we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us.

Fusion Sydney South has launched a “new look” Fusion youth service online as a way to connect with young people. 

Those aged between 12 and 18 years can check out who we are and how to be part of the daily action on Facebook, and Instagram and the new private Facebook group chat

Once accepted as a member, each young person will have access to all on offer as a way to interact with our team of fun, caring and skilled youth workers and mentors.

There’ll be daily live videospodcastsgamescompetitions, questionnairestips and tricks and hang out times. All sessions will involve therapeutic content aimed to help young people in our area (and across Sydney) navigate this difficult and changing time and make healthy choices.

Amongst the fun, laughter, games and discussion, we also hope we can be there for young people for them to share real and personal challenges and struggles.

If you know of a young person who needs support or a healthy place to connect, please direct them to our social media platforms. 

Also, if you know of a parent or carer who needs support, coaching or just a listening ear, a member from our Families team would love to give them a phone call.

We’re committed to helping young people and families thrive.

For more information or to seek help, please do not hesitate to email us [email protected].