Fusion Sydney South currently provides Wiley Park Girls High School with a dedicated, on-site Youth Worker. Fusion SS can facilitate school-based appointments of Youth Workers within our local schools and manage the HR, Payroll, Training, and Professional supervision.

Fusion Australia is also a registered national provider of Chaplaincy and Student well-being officers.


Infuse is an interactive program that develops life skills and leadership. Held on a week to week basis over one term, local students discover how they can become a positive influence in their world.

We currently run Infuse at:

  • Wiley Park Girls High School
  • Burwood Girls High School
  • Canterbury Boys High School


Break the cycle. Stay in school. Our Youth Workers have partnered with local police to stop young people from getting into motions within the system that hinder their potential.


Culture is a powerful factor in the formation of identity. This program works with Polynesian students to develop social engagement through self awareness and cultural identity.


Real Girls is an 8-week group-work program addressing identity, self-esteem, diversity, conflict, resilience, bullying and personal futures. It was developed by Fusion in conjunction with Burwood Girls High School but has been delivered in many schools since then.

Fusion staff say the program offers the opportunity to help students develop skills and awareness regarding healthy life choices and to support vulnerable individuals. 


Fusion Western Sydney delivers a number of one-hour seminars addressing specific issues of concern to high school students of various ages.

We currently offer Defuse: Anti-Bullying (developed for year 7’s), and Soft Landing: Yr7 Transition and Lead with a Purpose (designed for year 7 – 12 elected SRC members). Please contact us to discuss your needs further.


Drumbeat combines the therapeutic potential of musical expression with a range of social and emotional learning outcomes. Using a cognitive behavioural foundation it assists young people to apply the lessons from the drumming circle to their everyday lives.

Developed by Holyoake it has been widely used in schools, rehabilitation centres  and detention facilities. We deliver it to selected students and work with students to deliver an appropriate public performance. This program will be available in 2022.